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Exception of the responsibility - legal indications

1. Restriction of the responsibility

The contents of this web - page is carefully developed. Nevertheless, the seller does not accept any guarantees of correctness, completeness and an urgency of the given materials. Using of materials concerns on own risk of the user. The presented materials of other authors can not agree with opinion of the author of web - page. Any contractual relations between the user and the author of web - page does not arise.

2. External references

This web - page contains references to web - pages of the third parties ("external references"). The author of web - page has checked up at the first linkage of external references their contents for probable legal infringements. At the moment of the check any legal infringements were not found. The author of web - page cannot somehow influence on actual and future design and contents of the connected pages. Presence of external references does not mean participation of the author to their contents. The permanent control over the contents of these pages without the concrete indication on any legal infringements is unreasonable. If it becomes known about legal infringements, such external references leave urgently.

3. Protection of copyrights

The contents of this web - page is protected by the German author's and creative activities law. Each application of the contents demands the written approval of the author or the corresponding legal owner. This concerns, in particular, duplication, processing, translation, saving , and accordingly transmission of the contents in data files or other electronic mass media and systems. This concerns duties and the rights of the third parties. Duplication or transfer of separate contents or full pages without agreement is not authorized and is punishable. It is authorized only making of copies and loadings for personal, private and noncommercial purpose. Placing of this web - page in another's frames acceptably only with the written sanction of the author.

4. Protection of the data

At visiting web - page data on access (date, time, the seen pages) can gather. These data do not concern to the personal data, and are impersonal . They are estimated exclusively with statistical purposes. Transmission to the third party with commercial or non-commercial purposes, does not occur. The author categorically specifies that at data transmission because of gaps in Internet protection (for example, at using of E-Mail) the data cannot be protected continuously from access of the third parties. Using by the third parties of the contact data for advertising is categorically undesirable, if only the author has not given out earlier the written approval to it or already there is a business contact. Operators of the site reserve itself right for legal steps in case of undesirable circulating of promotional materials. The data about the author and all persons mentioned in this web - page cannot be transferred with commercial objectives.

5. Special using conditions

In case of violation by some of users of this web - page above mentioned points 1-4, corresponding department will be immediately informed. In this case will take effect a special using conditions.

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