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Customs Services
We offer you custom services from A - Z. We will assist in obtaining the necessary documents for your exports and imports in able to support your shipments to the federal territory. We open the shipping method for your customs matters. In the context of outsourcing measures, we will gladly assume the handling of all customs matters for your business.

ATLAS - Importing
Is the range of import and transfer of non-Community goods released for free circulation under the customs warehousing procedure of type A, C, D and E, in the process of refining of assets, and conversion - procedures.

ATLAS - Exporting ECS / AES
From 1 July 2009 must be all export declarations through the electronic customs procedures' ATLAS-made exports, a paper application is then no longer possible. The electronic export declaration can be done in three different ways. Each of the three channels has a direct impact on the internal company procedures. The party concerned or his representative will enter the necessary data to a terminal of the competent customs office. The data is processed by "Atlas". The feedback and approval will come back by the same route. The user receives his evidence in the form of printouts from the data processing system.

Transit Procedure in NCTS
The NCTS (New Computerized Transit System) is a process for implementation of the Community / common transit procedure with the aid of electronic data processing. So replaced the electronic processing of the former paper-NCTS system for the management of transit operations. Only in this way it is possible, to be the rising number of transit to handle. In addition, the computerization was necessary because the paper-based system showed significant weaknesses (vulnerability to fraud, lack of transparency and lack of flexibility in special situations). Finally, the change had to NCTS the purpose for the administration to be adjust flexibly to the needs of the economy.

Carnet TIR
The TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers) aims to facilitate the international transport of goods through the territory of any number of parties, except shipments are transported exclusively within the EC. In contrast to a transit T1/T2 must not deposited a security-sum at the customs office. For the taxes and duties (for example not execution of the TIR system) is the liability at the respective national association.

International Spedition
For years, we are engaged in cargo transportation by road to Eastern Europe. An extensive fleet of vehicles is ready available for our shipments and transports in Europe. Supply chain management for incoming shipments or cargo containers are our daily business. Similarly, the transhipment of containers on trucks, storage under customs control, submission of Connossments etc.

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